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November 2001

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 - New York .. A symbol of freedom and a new world ..
Ergonomics and human factors in office design ..
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- New York .. A symbol of freedom and a new world!
"When I first came to New York in 1990 I fell in love with this city right from the beginning. Imagine how many people came to New York throughout the last century? How many ancestors of American's society came through this tremendous city? All of them longing for freedom and and thus forming a new world through their free ideas and inspirations. As America itself stands for freedom and humanity throughout the whole world New York is the essence, the beginning. As a very innovative city for design and new architecture, New York very much inspired our furniture's design. We've been using until 2000 a "golden New York city image" behind our logo. This image stands together with all our brand names still printed at the entrance to our office. You can imagine how much we were shocked after the terrible news of Sept. 11th. We feel every day for the people that lost their closed ones in the terrorist events. With the full integration of Vital-Office in 2001 a new holistic, advanced vitality-ergonomics style of furnishing human offices arose and we changed our logo to show that we are standing to the new. We kept the background of the "Golden City" image and the rising sun is seen on all our top pages at  and
Now after the day that shocked the whole world - New York again is the symbol of a new world. As a rising sun, a new unity and cooperation for freedom and humanity in the whole world arose. And we are proud to contribute with who we are and the products-solutions we design."
Peter Jordan (CEO), Jordan Vital-Office
- Ergonomics and human factors in office design!
Everyone has heard of ergonomics - after all, the word is widely used in advertising. But to think of ergonomics simply as a way of designing more comfortable goods misses the point - there is much more to ergonomics.
The word ergonomics is perhaps a little intimidating, but behind it lays a very simple idea.
Ergonomics is about 'fit': the fit between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work in. If good fit is achieved, stress is reduced. We are more comfortable and can do things more quickly and easily, and we also make fewer mistakes.
So when we talk about 'fit', we don't just mean physical fit, we are concerned with psychological and other aspects too. That is why ergonomics is often called 'Human Factors'.
Even the simplest product can be a nightmare if poorly designed. Our ancestors didn't have this problem as they amazingly could simply make things to suit themselves. In those days and edge, the designers are often far removed from the end users. This situation makes it vital to adopt an ergonomic, user-centered approach to design.
Jordan & Partner, an industrial furniture manufacturing company was founded in 1962. Ever since early 80th we differentiated ourselves by applying ergonomics design in our furniture. Thus starting with ergonomic computer desks we came up soon with the first revolutionary round-shaped office desks when no one made round desks at this time! We therefore developed office-ergonomics beyond the product itself.
Ergonomic work-place configuration should apply:
Anthropometrics - to adapt and adjust items to the human body measurements.
(form and size of items, adjustability, .. )
Physiology - to adapt working conditions to human beings.
(lightning, air-conditioning, noise, .. )
Psychology - to create well-being environment.
(colors, arrangements, flowers, .. )
Informatics - design of Info-devices
(see, hear, touch and feel .. )
Organization - organization of work-place tasks.
Additionally social aspects are very important. Thus must be considered in floor space design to ensure privacy spheres while enabling interaction, communication and representation at the same time.
Human factors are very complex. And when it comes to ergonomic office design one must consider a wide range of these factors to achieve positive results.
1000ths of workplaces have been designed according to Jordan's space-ergonomic design systems and furnished with the product lines developed to 'fit'.
- Advanced Human-Vitality-Factors
In the 90th's we searched for further productive enhancements to new millennium offices. Our idea was to bring nature's life force to working people. Thus reducing cost in offices while the workers body and soul are vitalized through energetic environment design and product design. Research and development have been conducted by our sister company Vitalis-e-style, Slovenia. Tests in University with aura camera and bionic institutes followed practical test with sports-people. Athletes know their body well and can report even minor changes to their vitality. First results with Olympic games team in Lillehammer 1994 followed such remarkable results as Dusan Mravlje at the Trans America Footrace 1995 and two silver medals in Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996.
"New York NY USA (UW) - Waving a Slovenian flag, Dusan Mravlje of Slovenia ran triumphantly into the Big Apple on Saturday morning, August 19, to win the 1995 Moonbat Trans America Footrace."
 *** Dusan set a course record by 59 hours! ***
megathron-blue_small.jpg (4232 Byte) And Megathron - A chair which makes all the difference even for winners - featuring full complex e-design. At Fide world-chess-championships the chair was used with remarkable results: In 1999 Championship in Lousanne, Switzerland, Anatoly Karpov won the world championship on white Megathron, which is now exhibited in Olympic Museum in Lousanne. In Las Vegas, 2000, Khalifman who won the finals, was sitting on it, too. Following 100th of managers throughout the world bought this chair to permanently enhance their vitality.
In 1999 the idea of Vital-Office was born. Based on combined knowledge of ergonomics and advanced vital-human-factors, we headed for new office furniture design.
More are on our internet pages
Learn about our ergonomics office design and Human-Vitality-Factors workshop!
- First results on Vital-Office projects ..
April 2001, 5 trucks loaded with Vital-Office furniture arrived at a Swiss company's headquarter near Zurich. After 6 months of working in their new environment the Top management comments:
"Out of 15 different office systems suppliers, we decided to go with the Jordan Vital-Office line. Because of the furniture's flexibility and versatility, our investment has already paid itself. We could quickly and easily adapt and rearrange the furniture according to organization's changes. Also we achieved higher productivity in software development through composing environmental work-groups for efficient teams according to projects. All this could be done ad-hoc without having to plan new layouts!
Our employees have confirmed us that they've noticed a considerable change and enjoy their new environment. Their productivity has increased as they also can work longer hours with better focus! Concentration and well being has increased.
Also clearly improved is the communication and cooperation of our employees. The dynamics in our offices has increased due to the consequently round flowing forms at the workplaces and the entire layout. Since you can not hurt yourself - you can not get stains blue - at these desks our employees are more encouraged to move and perform more brain storming thought-exchange with their team colleagues thus working more creatively together on their projects.
The cooperation and project coordination with architecture & design office The Origin AG and Office furniture manufacturer Jordan Vital-Office was extremely good. Both companies showed their professionalism concerning office know-how, service, accuracy and reliability."
November 2001 .. The original reference letter including this company's name is available upon request.
- Vital-Office online warehouse in USA and Canada
Vital-Office furniture system now is available in contiguous USA and Canada. We are currently negotiating with more dealers and office supply chains in USA and Canada. We are proud to announce now the first online shops which delivers the Vital-Office products in whole contiguous USA and Canada.
8dshop01.jpg (114465 Byte) Our professional services offer you individual offers and planning support through personal service. Additionally we grant a minimum 10% start-up discount for all internet orders in 2001.
Each shop is licensed either to sell in USA or Canada.
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- Peter Leung business Feng Shui workshop in Montreal

.. first time featuring Vital-Office Feng Shui and ergonomics design!

Peter Leung is a well known master of Chinese metaphysics.
In the area of Feng Shui, he demonstrates through case studies, many important discoveries.
Whether you are a business man or woman, a Feng Shui practitioner or following any other Feng Shui training, this workshop provides in depth understandings of Feng Shui principles applied at the workplace.
* January 21st and 22nd 2002 **  March 4th and 5th 2002
* click here for more details
- Office news inside ..
Due to the terrible terror attack, New York has lost 2 million square meter (11 million square feet) office space. The empty space for rent in New York (app.. 800 thousand square meter / 8.65 million square feet) was immediately reduced to zero. Official guidelines had to secure lease prices not to be higher than before Sept. 11th.
Office furniture sales in USA dropped by 16.4% in 2nd. quarter 2001 compared with 2000. According to BIFMA, it is expected that this trend will continue for at least one year. This prognoses were before Sept. 11th. Now everything is open .. to positive changes.
We invite YOU to learn more about our Feng Shui line of furniture
for your home or office set-up!!
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